BiMa Savons 

Best selling BiMa antiperspirant deodorant handmade with natural products keeps you fresh and free from odour.

Our deodorants are made in small batches with the aim for freshness being key, using all natural products, 100% vegan and organic where possible.

No animal testing, all testing on keen human volunteers.

Made in five different fragrances each enriched with original infusions of essential oils: Original, Rose, Lemon, Bijou and Men's Blend. We also offer a "made to measure" service.

Application: a solid cream, best applied to dry clean skin in the underarm area.

Sold in 50ml aluminum jar which is recyclable and a refill service is available, bring back your used 50ml jar and we will refill it at a reduced price.

50 ml jar of deodorant at £4.50 refill at £4.

Original: The BiMa original signature fragrance, mix of lavender, geranium rosat, palmarosa, bergamot, juniper berry

Lemon: Zingy lemon zest! Lemon, lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus.

Rose: Come up smelling of roses! Rose, geranium rose and palmarosa.

Mens blend :A  not so flowery version of the BiMa original!

Bijou: A girl's best friend. Neroli, ylang ylang and lavender.