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BiMa Solid Shampoo

The Ria shampoo from BiMa.

A gentle solid shampoo for all hair types, made using the handcrafted method of cold saponification.

Maximised use of natural ingredients with 22,5% being organic. Each ingredient is chosen to help fight off dandruff and keep your hair strong and healthy.


-Organic castor oil: treats and regenerates the scalp.
- Organic coconut oil: nourishing.
- Organic pracaxi oil: detangles the hair.
- Rice protein: strength and volume.
- White clay: purifying.
- Organic dried nettle powder: regulates sebum and dandruff.
- Organic Palmarosa essential oil: fungicide, will leave your hair delicately scented.
- Sodium Coco-sulphate: It is a foaming and cleansing surfactant of plant origin. It is the secondary surfactant. It is a sulfated derivative of the fatty acids of coconut oil. Sodium coco sulfate is a natural alternative to sodium lauryl sulfate and it remains less irritating than the latter. It is also the only one of all the solid surfactants tested which makes it possible to formulate a satisfactorily effective solid shampoo. In particular, it tolerates a high proportion of butters or oils in the formulas, which considerably softens the formulas containing it.
- SCI (Sodium cocoyl isethionate): This is a very gentle foaming surfactant, it is the primary surfactant in our formula. It is of plant origin (coconut oil) and is synthetic. It is an esterified derivative of the fatty acids of coconut oil. Combined with Sodium cocosulphate, it softens the formulation.

Essential oils: Lemongrass, Patchouli, Lavander, Elemi, Scots pine, Bitter orange petitgrain.

Dye: blue mineral oxide.

How to use: Apply the shampoo directly to wet hair to lather, massage then rinse. It is very easy to rinse, uses less water and is faster!

Price: 4.80€ (70g)

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